Sunday, March 15, 2009

You Decide What To Do

The first time I taught little rice bags, I thought It was going to be pretty difficult to get the class excited about playing the game of jacks, but after I got through the lesson I felt a lot better. When it came time to reteach the lesson but add on to it, it was difficult to figure out that would be interesting for the class to do. then I came up with the idea of adding a physical aspect to it, so I had the class try and do a jumping jack or a push up or I even let them make something up to do while trying to get another bag. This turned out to be a success and the time seemed to fly by. It was easier to let the students choose what they wanted to do rather then tell them what they had to do. You could see the everyone did what they knew they were good at and some even excelled and even surprised me with what they decided to do. Some one did a front roll, other tried to play the game together. The lesson went really well and I was even able to handle one of the students who told me that she didn't want to play the activity anymore at the end of class by telling her she could choose what we did next class since the unit was over.