Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dancing like the stars

When we started out the semester, i was extremely nervous to be in front of a class teaching them a new skill. As the semester progressed i started to feel more and more comfortable being up in front teaching everyone. The first time i taught, i thought it was a disaster, i forgot a majority of the things that i needed to say/remind the students what to do. Now after just finishing my last teaching lab for the semester i am much more confident in myself as well as my teaching ability. There are still many areas that i can improve on but with time everything will come together. For my last lab i was assigned to teach Dance. I chose a dance that i learn when i was taking a dance class last semester, its a fun little dance that keeps you on your toes. The majority of the students picked up the dance right away, but some didn't get it but i had to work with them a little more. This lesson ran really smoothly, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and even though i was feeling under the weather no one could tell, which is a good thing. When looking at the video, at 10 min 50 seconds, you can see that from the other side of the gym i walked over to a group of students that i saw adding a step to the dance that i liked, and went over to them to tell them what a great job they were doing and to have the rest of the class watch them. If this were the beginning of the semester i would have never seen them from the opposite side of the gym, because i wouldn't have been looking for them i would have been focused on the students just on that side. But now i have learned that i have to watch the entire gym no matter where i am in the lesson.