Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Semester

With the first 2 weeks of my last semester here at Cortland already almost done, i cant believe that i am in my last semester here. My time here has flown by, even though i am ready to be out of here and student teaching i know there is more that i still need to learn but it is going to take time.
TA'ing for 255 again this semester should be enjoyable, the students already are picking up what we want them to learn, they just need to get use to being in front of a camera. I remember being in 255, i didn't talk for the first 2 weeks i was quiet and reserved, but once i came out of my shell i shocked everyone. Hopefully this last semester will be as enjoyable as my last 3 semesters here, and i am swear i am going to try and keep this updated..