Thursday, May 14, 2009

Throughout the semester I was asked to volunteer my time, and work on my teaching skill to help out the community. I was asked to do only ten hours but i accumulated a lot more than that. Every Sunday for an hour i would go to the pool with Melissa and we would work with the CAST program, this program is designed to teach children with disabilities how to swim. Melissa and I worked together with one girl who was bind, since i am allergic to the chlorine Melissa would get into the pool with her and it was easier for me to explain what to do while Melissa moved her arm in the motion i was explaining. Also this semester as being a member of APEM, we held numerous events that were for children. I participated in our Teen nights held at the YMCA in Cortland, it was a fun filled night for teens we played DDR, knockout, wii and many other games with the teens. All the teens enjoyed themselves and even us students had a lot of fun. I also was involved in a teacher workshop held at Cornell University, I was there to teach other teachers how you can involve technology into physical education. I was nervous to be teaching actual teachers but once i got talking about the games and how they work in the PE setting i felt confident because i know the topic well. It was nice to see other teachers so open to learning for a student.

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