Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can any one hear me??

After re watching the video from my first time teaching. I noticed a lot of different things that I did not notice the first time watching it. As I had said before I used my hands a lot, I also did not introduce myself at all so my classmates had no idea who I was, in the class room setting that would no have been a good thing. I also looked down at the ground a lot, this showed that I was nervous being in front of my peers for the first time. With the camera being so far away it was hard to hear what I was saying, I needed to be a lot louder, I also turned my back to the "Students" when I was demonstrating dribbling. They could see what I was trying to have them do, but they could not hear me, or see the proper way to dribble. Another thing I noticed watching the video again is that I repeated myself numerous time about keeping your head up and looking where you were going. In the lesson I made that statement or one that was similar to it at least 5 time. With more practice I will now be aware of the things that I need to work on and try to improve on them each and every time I teach in class.

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