Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Rice Bags

Today was the first time I could actually say that I was very comfortable with teaching. Even though i had to teach some Chinese words, for the most part i feel that the lesson went really well. after listening to my lesson, i could tell that i got nervous in some places but i was able to redeem myself and get back to my comfort level. Still with my teaching i still tend to say "guys" and now I also need to find another way to tell everyone when they are doing good because i kept saying "good job", if i keep saying that then the students will not think that i am really watching what they are doing and tend to goof off. After this lesson i am a lot more confident in my teaching ability, and what i can do in a classroom setting, even though i only taught for 7 min, it felt like the 7 min went by fast, and I truly feel that i could have kept going and it would have been nothing to have finished out the lesson, but there are new things i want to try when i get to reteach this lesson/ add on to the lesson with in the next week or so.

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