Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Practice makes perfect

On the first day of class we had to teach a skill that we knew how to do using the equipment that we were supplied with. Now after we have been in class and have learned many techniques that will help us when teaching, we were asked to reteach what we taught on the first day. I think that the second time teaching was a lot easier because I knew what to do, and how to go about using my time. We were asked to review our videos and look at four different aspects, Management, Activity, Instruction and Waiting. With every lesson we do, these four aspects will be there. For using these aspects we had to come up with a percentage of each for the whole lesson. we can receive a total of 5 points for the whole lesson. When I looked at my lesson I received 3 out of the 5 points. I need to work on decreasing my management time and increasing my activity time, but other than that my lesson seemed to have kept the right percentages for the majority of the aspects.

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  1. Well Done Kristen 10/10. Can you embed your teaching video from youtube into your blog?